Well, let me start with this: We can’t undo life. Would you agree?

I just learned, right after I created this blog of mine, that we shouldn’t be doing what we think is right. Sometimes, we let time sinks in before we realize that what we have done was wrong. I was, apparently, this trigger-happy not-thinking-before-doing-something-else guy.

As you notice, this is not about photography, unlike what I promised on my previous blog (that was my first blog, actually). Well, I am writing this just to pour out my embarrassment. And yes, I am now blogging. Can you believe that? The guy who hates to write is now blogging, whoa!

All I am asking is: please bear with me when you encounter an insane a childish guy like me (wearing a wide grin). I used the word childish because that’s who I am, sometimes. I do what I wish to do, without asking some second opinions. Am I sounding bitter now?hihi

Well, I wish to find that undo button somewhere, somehow, sometime.