Having a break in the middle of the night of last thursday was the first meal I took after three months of dreading for that final call. Not until I received a message telling me that a job was waiting for me. Hooray! At last, I am in the regular cycle again of riding a bus every morning for almost three hours. That’s right, three long hours. That’s why I know I’m going to be late if I leave our house later than 7 in the morning. As I step outside the building minutes after midnight, silent streets and accumulated skyscrapers surrounded me. The streets are named numerically. Upon getting out of a convenience store which has branches on almost all blocks in Global City, one specific street sign got my attention. As much as I wanted to capture the moment with a camera, I couldn’t, since I haven’t brought mine with me. “Bring your camera at all times”, I recalled to myself. There might be a significant moment like this that needs to be captured.

As I glared at the street sign ‘1st Avenue’, I couldn’t help to reminisced the outro of a television program which I was watching during my high school summer vacation just before my fourth year.

It’s a song of Thanksgiving. That time I didn’t fully understand the meaning of the song. It was an outroduction of a program that changed my life. Itanong Mo Kay Soriano, Biblia Ang Sasagot was no ordinary title. I was an avid fan of that telecast way back in year 2002, exactly a decade ago. That was fast! 10 years of listening to Bro. Eli is one reason to be grateful. Although the carrier cut the television slot when I was in my senior year, that year was memorable to me. Those were the days that I read the book of Revelations and some verses. I bought a notebook to take the verses down that I was hearing from the speaker. I carefully wrote the exact figures of striking quotes that’re sweet to the ear, though they weren’t to my mother who is a “sarado Katoliko”, a dedicated Catholic member. I was inspired to read the bible again because of Bro. Eli Soriano’s program. It made me feel satisfied but also made me want to watch more. Ironic but true. I can’t describe the feeling just by pressing keys. Writing these letters can’t compose the sweetness of the words heard. I thought his program was an independent television program which has no affiliation with any church organization. Since then, I haven’t seen the program until I was in college.

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I’ve been telling to myself, my high school student self, that someday I’m going to find the one organization that man on television was referring to. Before entering college, the program made me realize and quit smoking. It changed me somehow even before I haven’t been affiliated with the group yet. It made me realize that smoking is not a mature thing for a college student. It was something which needs to be left behind with my high school life.

Year 2007 was the year our dormitory was doomed to be demolished. I was one of the students who has been given the privilege to check in a national university’s dorm. Before the year ended, one turning event happened in my life. I didn’t anticipate the one that I was looking for was the one found me. It found me instead of me finding it. Because of the extended semester for us to use the dorm, perhaps time has come for me to be called into the organization that changed me even before I’ve known it.

All thanks be to God who calls in perfect time.